About Fresh Leaf


Download PDF - InBusiness Magazine Issue 47 August 2011

Established in 2008, Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs is one of Australia’s leading fresh garnishing companies that continually challenge the status Quo in farming by employing innovative growing approaches to produce their exciting and tasty products.

Executive Director Jan Vydra and Horticulture director William Pham have developed the business from humble beginnings that now produces more than 150,000 bunches, pots and punnets a week across over 50 varieties of garnishing produce from herbs, micro greens, edible flowers to specialty produce, which are available through major retailers, independent supermarkets, green grocers and wholesale distributors around Australia.

Currently farming under 30,000 Sqm of greenhouse with the operations setup across two site Clyde and Deavon meadows in Victoria, which is employing over 85 full time staff and steadily growing. To ensure a steady and continued supply of produce to its customers the business partners with our 15 farmers based around the country, allowing uninterrupted 365 day a year supply.

The business was established as the Directors identified an opportunity to consolidate the herb industry which was fragmented and unstructured at the time. They also noticed the rising popularity of reality cooking shows and an increase in the consumer’s general interest in cooking.

Consumer interest and the demand for fresh produce led them to develop and implement a sustainable, efficient production process combining hydroponic and traditional farming.

To support the supply chain, Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs developed an innovative delivery system for all key stakeholders to utilise. This has improved efficiencies, productivity and the reporting structure for agents, distributors, retailers and growers.

Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs represents its products to the consumer under the ‘Garnished Flavours’ and Flowerdale Farm brands. This will continue to develop with development in a variety of retail outlets and restaurants around Australia and into South East Asia.