About Fresh Leaf


To achieve our goal of becoming one of Australia’s largest garnished producers, Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs’ is driven by our four business pillars;




Farming is the core of our business. Our farms are our largest asset and will continue to grow into the future. Being great growers of fresh produce allows us to have an insight into what is required to set the platform to deliver high quality products all year round.

Our farming teams, lead by William Pham, are continually looking at new, innovative, and sustainable ways to produce our raw products. We listen and learn from some of Australia’s greatest farmers that have delivered quality produce to Australian consumers for the last century.



Innovation is the foundation that Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs was built, and will remain the main driver that will continue to define our company into the future.  We believe that innovation is the key to a company’s success. If you believe in it, then you can build it!


In April 2008 we had a dream of supplying our product in the same way big manufacturers like Coke Cola, Kraft and Uncle Toby’s do and that is to;

1) Supply a branded/identifiable product that the consumer will demand

2) Support our retailers in growing our range through education and understanding of the consumers changing requirements

3) Create an easier method for our distributors to order and dispatch our products through supply chain innovation.

4) Develop our products around customer needs and requests

This approach has and will continue to shift our business into new products and supply chain innovation and idea’s that should keep supply chain stakeholders and consumers impressed, with not only the products but the service and innovation that we deliver.


Our vision for the delivery of our products is to continually benchmark and improve the way in which we do business.  We have undertaken a continual improvement program on our own current benchmarks.