Fresh Leaf Delivery System


We have developed an efficient, straightforward process to serve our customers. Each step in the supply chain is simple for retailers, distributors and agents, to ensure the end customer receives quality produce all year round.

Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs has a distribution model that allows retailers and distributors to order directly from our farm via fax, online or phone. Orders are tailor packed in boxes; individually sleeved and labelled; and sent directly to the assigned distributor or retailer.

Our process eliminates retailers and distributors having to sort and pack herbs which can lead to mishandling of our products, which are delicate and highly perishable.  Distributors utilising our system have also witnessed cost savings as they no longer need to hire employees to sort herbs.

We have a concise system to track orders and have the ability to report accurate sales figures in the ‘Garnished Flavours’ category to our retailers Head Office.

Our system was developed as we understood the need to treat the herbs similar to a product line, rather than simply produce.   We are dedicated to selling an ‘experience’ with our herbs, and are involved in the whole supply chain process from growing, packing and delivering,  to in store merchandising and marketing.