Our Farms





The successful production of growing herbs is a science that requires in-depth and ongoing research.  Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs started production with a focus on harvesting basil, a warm weather herb with very specific methods for growing.

From the first crop of basil in 2008 adding much research and innovation with the different farming techniques, we now supply consumers with 17 herb varieties all year round.


At present, we have invested in three separate farming methods/systems:

    • Hydroponic (NFT)
    • Field Hydro
    • Conventional field farming


Not only are we able to fulfill our commitment to customers and consumers by supplying produce all year round, we have focused strongly on ensuring environmentally sustainable production.

    • Our basil production uses approximately 10% of the water required to produce the equivalent stock via traditional field farming
    • 100% of irrigated water is recycled
    • The cultivation within greenhouses reduces the threat of insects, resulting in minimal insecticide
    • We use a much lower level of herbicides and pesticides than traditional farming methods