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Australian Fresh Leaf has a wide range of gourmet herbs that are picked, washed, packed and labelled with a next day delivery. We continue to expand on our already extensive range with new and exciting products.

If you’re interested in stocking our herbs, or would like more detail on our product range and delivery processes, please contact our sales team.

Basil pots/ Basil Basil has bright green foliage with a sweet-spicy aroma. Basil actually originates from India despite it being used extensively in Italian food.
Coriander Coriander has a fresh green colour with a smell that lingers of lemon peel, anise and dill. The best thing about the coriander plant is that you can use the leaves, stalk, roots and seeds.
Continental Parsley Continental parsley has flat deep green foliage with a strong earthy flavour. It is used by the French to hide bad breath.
Curly Parsley As the name suggests curly parsley has curly foliage with a sweet – earthy flavour. The herb is commonly used decoratively for meals.
Mint Mint is a vibrant green plant with an uplifting taste and smell. Whether it’s infused in oil or used in a dessert or cocktail, mint is a diverse herb.
Rosemary Rosemary has long narrow leaves which are dark green and little blue flowers.  It’s a home favourite that is used regularly.
Thyme Coming from the Greek word ‘to fumigate’, thyme is a sweet smelling herb with little dark green leaves and flowers.
Dill This herb has fluffy green foliage with a deep aniseed smell. It is often compared to fennel.
Chervil Chervil is a delicate herb with soft green leaves and an earthy flavour.  It’s often used decoratively to add that extra touch to meals.
Sage Sage has silvery-green leaves with an earthy fragrance.  It harks back to ancient times when it was used in healing to relieve headaches.
Chives Chives belong to the onion family. It has long, slender, hollow leaves and its stems are firm, straight, smooth similar to the leaves that are dark green.
Oregano Oregano has firm light green leaves with a rich flavour.  It’s also a favourite in Italian cooking.
Marjoram Marjoram has small, soft leaves that are grey-green in colour. It has a sweet robust flavour and is closely related to Oregano.
Lemon thyme Lemon thyme has an unmistakable lemony fragrance.
Tarragon An aromatic herb with lance-shaped leaves and small, whitish-green flower heads arranged in loose, spreading panicles. It has a tart and spicy aroma, and has been known to sure bites and stings.
Thai basil Thai basil has green and purple leaves with a strong aniseed – earthy flavour.  It’s mostly found in Asian food and is quite different.
Vietnamese mint This herb has a sweet flavour, which is different to normal mint. The leaves are dark green with chestnut-coloured spots.
Bay leaves Once a Bay Leaf is broken it release’s a warm pungent aroma.
Curry leaves Curry leaves are from a plant native to southern Asia. This fragrant herb looks like a small, shiny lemon leaf and has a pungent curry fragrance.
Lime leaves Rich in lime flavour with a vibrant green colour.
Lemongrass A tropical grass native to southern India and Sri Lanka. It yields aromatic oil used as flavouring, and in perfumery and medicine